Superkids Program Expands!

For the last decade, Gladney’s Superkids program has been sending pediatric therapy teams to visit orphanages in China and Taiwan to learn more about children waiting to be matched with adoptive families. The information we learn on these trips helps us to find permanent adoptive families. To date, almost 200 children that were seen by Superkids have been adopted by families in the United States as well as other countries. Many of these children would not have found the love and care of a family, without the Superkids program. This program continues currently with wonderful success in Taiwan. The next trip is scheduled for November, 2019.

In 2018 Gladney’s Superkids Program expanded to provide U.S based hosting programs for adoptable children. The first group of children were from Taiwan and hosted by families living in the Southeastern part of the U.S. In a hosting program, prospective adoptive families have a chance to either host a child in their home, or through a “camp-like” experience, interact with children over the course of a 1-2 week stay. A U.S. based hosting program offers children living in institutions or group foster homes an opportunity for an experience they may not otherwise enjoy. It allows the children to experience life in a family and how a healthy family functions and feels. Hosting programs with a camp curriculum and setting, allow for activities with adoption professionals and prospective adoptive parents in relaxed settings that help with matching the host children to adoptive families. Many of the children who participate in hosting programs are adopted by host families or other prospective adoptive parents. Gladney is planning for its next hosting program to take place in 2020.

The SuperKids Program expansion continues this year, in 2019, with Gladney Center beginning to assist prospective adoptive parents on guided visitation trips to China at the invitation of local child social welfare institutes. These trips are part of China’s Ai Xing Da Shi (‘Loving Heart Ambassador’) program. During a guided visitation trip, prospective adoptive parents are able to spend time with children living in social welfare institutes and eligible for international adoption. During the visitation periods, prospective parents will be able to gain an understanding of a child’s abilities, skills, and personality. Through child centered activities, prospective adoptive parents will be able to observe motor, communication, and cognitive skills. Parents will have the opportunity to learn from caregivers more about the child’s physical surroundings, routine for daily activity, physical health, therapeutic care, and education. These visitations provide the prospective adoptive parents with helpful information to proceed with the adoption of a child in a better-informed manner, or conversely, to recognize that a child has more complicated needs than can be met within the parents’ available resources.

If you are considering adoption from China or Taiwan, or if you are an adoption advocate, and would like information about our Superkids program, please contact

Gladney's Superkids Program Values:

  • Every child deserves a loving family.
  • Each child is special and is not defined by his/her special need.
  • Gladney’s Superkids program cooperates with orphanages for the benefit of waiting children.
  • Gladney believes in child-focused advocacy.
  • Well-informed prospective adoptive parents are better prepared for caring for their child and for their future family as a whole.
  • For children in orphanages who are not available for adoption or who continue to wait for adoptive families, Gladney’s Superkids volunteers train and educate the orphanage caregivers, in order to enrich the children’s lives and futures.

Volunteer with Superkids:

Superkids continuously recruits Pediatric Therapy professionals and Pediatricians for future trips. We are also looking for volunteers with video, web, copywriting, and photography skills. Intern opportunities are available as well.

Volunteers contribute to helping children find their forever adoptive families and improve orphanage care for children who still wait. If you are interested, please contact Wendy Stanley.

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